Free Webinar Series

Health Literacy Innovations is pleased to present a series of free heath literacy education webinars. All webinars are free and open to the public.

Upcoming Webinars

Health Literate Disability Information:
A Unique Online Tool from Exceptional Lives
Wednesday October 17, 2018, 2-3 p.m. EDT

Presenter: Julie McKinney
Health Literacy Specialist and Director of Product Content, Exceptional Lives, Inc.
Health Literacy Discussion List Moderator, Institute for Healthcare Advancement

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Advancing Health Literacy in Your Organization
Thursday October 25, 2018, 2-3 p.m. EDT

Presenter: Audrey Riffenburgh, PhD
President, Plain Language Works

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Reproductive Health Literacy,
a Teachable Moment for Mothers and Fathers
Wednesday October 31, 2018, 2-3 p.m. EDT

Presenter: Lisa Bernstein
Simply Put Media

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Previous Webinars

10 Oct 2018Informed Consent - It's Not a Signature on a Form
  Slides: TBD      (0 KB)
03 Oct 2018Introducing Health Literacy and the "Plain Language & Health Literacy Resource Guide Second Edition";
  Slides: TBD      (0 KB)
23 Mar 2018Oregon and SW Washington Health Literacy Conference Lunch and Learn Presentation: Materials Testing Made Easy & Health Literacy Resources
  Slides: pdf_icon.png HLI_Conference_2018-03-23_Materials.pdf      (12.5 MB)
31 Oct 2017Patient Engagement, Patient Activation and Health Literacy
  Slides: pdf_icon.png HLI_Webinar_2017-10-31_Patient.pdf      (8.3 MB)
26 Oct 2017Testing Materials with Your Target Audience
  Slides: pdf_icon.png HLI_Webinar_2017-10-26_Testing.pdf      (14.3 MB)
19 Oct 2017Advanced Tips and Tricks in Easy-to-Read Materials Development
  Slides: pdf_icon.png HLI_Webinar_2017-10-19_TipsTricks.pdf      (9.9 MB)
12 Oct 2017Translating Across Languages, Cultures and Literacy Levels
  Slides: pdf_icon.png HLI_Webinar_2017-10-12_Cultures.pdf      (6.3 MB)
05 Oct 2017Health Literacy: Problems, Solutions, Resources
  Slides: pdf_icon.png HLI_Webinar_2017-10-05_Resources.pdf      (3.8 MB)
27 Oct 2016Advancing Health Literacy—The New Health Literacy Precaution Tool Kit and Other Resources
  Slides: pdf_icon.png HLI_Webinar_2016-10-27_Advancing.pdf      (3.3 MB)
25 Oct 2016Designing with Health Literacy in Mind
  Slides: pdf_icon.png HLI_Webinar_2016-10-25_Designing.pdf      (3.4 MB)
20 Oct 2016Health Literacy: From Problems to Solutions
  Slides: pdf_icon.png HLI_Webinar_2016-10-20_Solutions.pdf      (3.6 MB)
11 Dec 2013Results of the PIACC (Program for the International Assessment of Adult Competencies) and Its Impact on the Health Care Community
Julie McKinney, LINCS Health Literacy List Moderator, World Education, Inc., and Eugene Owen, PIAAC National Project Manager at the National Center for Education Statistics
  Watch a recording at:
  Slides: pdf_icon.png HLI_Webinar_2013-12-11_PIACC.pdf      (1.0 MB)
31 Oct 2013Chronic Disease Management and Health Literacy: Intervention Design
Melissa A. Valerio, San Antonio Regional Campus, Associate Professor University of Texas School of Public Health in Houston
  Slides: pdf_icon.png HLI_Webinar_2013-10-31_Disease.pdf      (3.2 MB)
29 Oct 2013Creating a Health Literacy Initiative
Athena Bennet, Accordant Health Services
  Slides: pdf_icon.png HLI_Webinar_2013-10-29_Initiative.pdf      (7.9 MB)
24 Oct 2013Health Insurance Literacy and the ACA
Lynn Quincy, Senior Policy Analyst, Consumers Union
  Slides: pdf_icon.png HLI_Webinar_2013-10-24_Insurance.pdf      (4.8 MB)
22 Oct 2013Addressing Health Literacy and Cultural Competence
Kate Singleton, Health Literacy Consultant for Adult Education, Social Work, and Health Care
  Slides: pdf_icon.png HLI_Webinar_2013-10-22_Cultural.pdf      (2.3 MB)
15 Oct 2013Implementing a Health Literacy Universal Precautions Toolkit
Leigh F. Callahan, University of North Carolina School of Medicine
  Slides: pdf_icon.png HLI_Webinar_2013-10-15_Toolkit.pdf      (3.3 MB)
08 Oct 2013Understanding Health Literacy
15 Nov 2012Measuring Health Literacy Using Readability Tools
20 Sep 2012Advanced Health Literacy - Understanding Strategies
23 Apr 2012Understanding HHS' New Requirements for Consumer Insurance Labels


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