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HLI_RGv2_tn.pngHealth Literacy & Plain Language Resource Guide, 2nd Edition


Compiled from resources from around the globe, this unique health literacy guide gives users basic, yet important information to help health communicators understand the difference between literacy, plain language, and low health literacy. It further delivers more than a dozen comprehensive sections that include plans, toolkit, guides, initiatives, training, technology, conference opportunities, and more. As an update to HLI’s previous Health Literacy & Plain Language Guide, the Second Edition includes 50 additional pages of timely resources.

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newsletter_tn.pngHealth Literacy Innovations Newsletter

newsletter.pngTo help writers understand and best use readability indices to simplify information for health care consumers, Health Literacy Innovations offers its series of free newsletters.

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Focus on Readability and Readability Indices

pdf_icon.png HLI_Newsletter_V2_I1.pdf      (952 KB)
Considering the Flesch-Kincaid (F-K) Grade Level?

HLI_Ready_ACA_tn.pngThe Affordable Care Act - Are We Ready?


A power point presentation that focuses on health literacy and the Affordable Care Act. Presented September 6, 2012 at the Plain Talk in Complex Times conference in Arlington, Virginia, by Aracely Rosales, Chief Content Expert and Multilingual Director, Health Literacy Innovations.

HLI_Ready_ACA.ppt      (4.3 MB)

HLI_Resources_ACA_tn.pngThe Affordable Care Act - Health Literacy & Advocacy Resources


Eight pages of links to resources about the challenges for health literacy and advocacy in the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.

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survey_tn.pngNational Survey of Medicaid Guidelines for Health Literacy


In late 2007, Health Literacy Innovations conducted the first national survey on Medicaid guidelines for health literacy. The results of the survey, including state reading level requirements for printed material, is available as a FREE download:

pdf_icon.png HLI_Medicaid_Survey.pdf      (78 KB)