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Health Literacy Innovations In The News


“Why Hospitalized Patients Don't Follow Instructions
—and What Hospitalists Can Do”


“From medical jargon to plain language”


“Opthalmology Business: Making it Clear”


“Plain Speaking?
Why HIT departments need to think abouth health literacy.”


“New at the Library - Health Literacy Advisor”


“Many Americans have poor health literacy”


“UCLA Anderson's Dr. Ariella Herman Receives Health Literacy Champions Award”


"Taking Medical Jargon Out of Doctors' Visits”
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“Web Woes: The Internet's appeal - information at your fingertips - can be a drawback for consumers surfing for reliable health information”


"In Plain English, Please? Health Literacy’s Rising Prominence”
& "Health Literacy: Catch the Fever”


"BCBSIL Recognized for Making Health Care Understandable”


"New tool tackles low health literacy”

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"Health Communication: Implications for Diverse Population”
(PDF file)

Older News

WordDrive Communications' Words in Motion, November 2010: “Health Literacy: Finding the Right Words”

pdf_icon.png Managed Care Outlook, June 1, 2010      (1.6 MB PDF file)

pdf_icon.png McMurry Media Insight Series: “Content of Care - Health Literacy in America and the Implications for Providers”      (105 KB PDF file)

pdf_icon.png Medical Mutual Group: “2008 Annual Report”      (619 KB PDF file)

“Low Health Literacy Hits Physicians Where it Hurts”

“The $73 Billion Hidden Problem of the Health Care Industry”

“Health Plans, PBMs Consider Strategies for Increasing Health Literacy of Their Members”

“Crystal-Clear Communication” — A flurry of recent activity puts health literacy in the spotlight

“Health Literacy Software Enhances Employee Engagement”…

pdf_icon.png “Health Literacy: An Emerging Public Health Issue With A Big Impact on Business”      (586 KB PDF file)

“AHIP Takes Literacy Seriously”

“Software Simplifies Drug Labels”

“A New Level of Understanding: Health insurers are developing health literacy initiatives and taking steps to help consumers get clear information“

Insurance News: “Health Literacy Tool Helps Industry Make Health Information More Accessible”